Jul 23, 2019

Titanium/Gold Schottky Contacts on P-Type GaAs Grown on (111)A and (100) GaAs Substrates Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy

The Schottky barrier heights of Ti/Au contacts on p-type GaAs, grown on (111)A and (100) GaAs substrates by molecular beam epitaxy, have been investigated by I-V and C-V techniques. Higher barrier heights are observed for contacts on (111)A GaAs films. Comparison between our results and the ideal Schottky barrier height for Ti on p-type GaAs shows that Ti/Au barrier heights on p-type (111)A GaAs films are closer to the ideal case than the Ti/Au barrier heights on p-type (100) GaAs films. This suggests that the defect densities of the Ti-GaAs interfaces of Ti/Au contacts on (111)A GaAs films are lower than those of identical Ti/Au contacts on (100) GaAs films.


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