The integration of III–V semiconductors (e.g., GaAs and GaN) and silicon-on-insulator (SOI)-CMOS on a 200 mm Si substrate is demonstrated. The SOI-CMOS donor wafer is temporarily bonded on a Si handle wafer and thinned down. A second GaAs/Ge/Si substrate is then bonded to the SOI-CMOS-containing handle wafer. After that, the Si from the GaAs/Ge/Si substrate is removed. The GaN/Si substrate is then bonded to the SOI–GaAs/Ge-containing handle wafer. Finally, the handle wafer is released to realize the SOI–GaAs/Ge/GaN/Si hybrid structure on a Si substrate. By this method, the functionalities of the materials used can be combined on a single Si platform.


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