Jan 29, 2018

Xiamen Changelight Purchases AIXTRON MOCVD Technology to Expands ROY LED Production

AIXTRON has recently received an order on multiple AIX 2800G4-TM MOCVD cluster tools from Chinese optoelectronic manufacturer Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd to expand its production capacity for gallium arsenide-based (GaAs) red, orange and yellow (ROY) LEDs. 

(Image: AIXTRON)

Each production cluster consists of two multi-wafer AIX 2800G4-TM process modules with susceptor configurations of 15x4-inch and one automation module serving both process modules, to enable high-volume manufacturing. Customers benefit from maximized throughput as well as the industry’s highest product yield and chemicals efficiency of the AIX 2800G4-TM, therewith setting the sector’s benchmark for the lowest cost per wafer.
“As a consequence of the increasing acceptance in numerous lighting and display applications such as smart lighting, city lighting and fine pitch display technology, market demand for ROY LEDs is getting stronger and therefore, requires continuous capacity expansion by manufacturers. As we have been very pleased with AIXTRON’s reliable AIX 2800G4-TM platform and excellent service over the years, we decided to add further systems to the tools already in production”, says Mr. Niu Xingsheng, Vice General Manager of Xiamen Changelight.
Dr. Bernd Schulte, AIXTRON’s President, comments: “AIXTRON’s AIX 2800G4-TM platform has built itself a reputation as the tool of record for the production of GaAs-based ROY LEDs, VCSEL and thin-film solar cells in the industry and therefore, we are convinced that we will provide Changelight with the best possible support in their expansion plans. We are looking forward to continue our longstanding, trustful collaboration with Changelight.”
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