Apr 4, 2018

Wafer-bonded coupled multilayer cavity with InAs quantum dots for two-color emission

A GaAs/AlAs coupled multilayer cavity structure with InAs quantum dots (QDs) was fabricated by wafer-bonding of two cavity structures grown individually. The wafer-bonding technique is important to control the spatial distribution of nonlinear polarization for strong terahertz emission by the differential frequency generation of the two cavity modes of the coupled cavity. Three layers of self-assembled InAs QDs were inserted in a cavity grown on a (001) GaAs substrate as optical gain materials for two-color emission of the cavity mode lights. The other cavity with a GaAs cavity layer was grown on a (113)B GaAs substrate. Two-color emissions with a 3.8 THz frequency difference were successfully observed from the wafer-bonded coupled cavity by cw optical pumping at room temperature.


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