Oct 20, 2017

AIXTRON Supplies Multiple MOCVD Cluster System to ROY LED Maker Nanchang Kingsoon

AIXTRON, a worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, announced today that Nanchang Kingsoon, a recently founded Chinese manufacturer of optoelectronic devices, has ordered multiple MOCVD cluster tools to expand manufacturing capacities in the area of gallium arsenide-based red, orange and yellow (ROY) LEDs and solar cells. All systems will be delivered in the course of the year.
Each production cluster consists of two multi-wafer AIX 2800G4-TM reactors with susceptor configurations of 15x4-inch in a recently enhanced system design. Customers such as Nanchang Kingsoon benefit from the platform’s maximized device yield and throughput, high precursor and hydride efficiencies as well as from lowest cost per wafer, in a recently enhanced system design.
“We are looking for a quick production ramp-up since market demand for ROY LEDs and solar cell components is picking up recently. Following an exhaustive search of the current MOCVD technologies for GaAs-based processes, we now exclusively rely on AIXTRON’s proven and high-performing AIX 2800G4-TM system for our wafer production. Since it is an extremely efficient manufacturing system, we are looking forward to benefit from its low cost of ownership”, says Mr. Zhang Yinqiao, General Manager of Nanchang Kingsoon.
Martin Goetzeler, AIXTRON’s Chief Executive Officer, comments: “We are particularly pleased about another new partnership with a promising semiconductor manufacturer and we are looking forward to accompany the company’s growth in the long run with our technology solutions.”
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