Jun 27, 2017

Optical Mapping of the Total EL2-Concentration in Semi-Insulating GaAs-Wafers

In semi-insulating GaAs wafers the distribution of the total EL2, independent of its charge state, was determined by purely optical absorption measurements. In all (Czochralski-grown) wafers studied the radial distribution of the total EL2 is W-shaped and shows fourfold symmetry. So the fluctuations of the neutral EL2-concentration seen in the usual near infrared transmission mapping reflect essentially the inhomogeneity of the total EL2 distribution. The mean EL2+ concentration in all wafers was close to typical C- and Zn-concentrations in s.i. GaAs (≈ 2centerdot1015 cm-3).

Keywords:GaAs wafers; EL2;radial distribution;EL2-concentration;


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