Apr 13, 2020

Quantitative Analysis of the Metallic Contamination On GaAs and InP Wafers by TXRF and ICPMS Techniques

The quantitative analysis of the metallic contaminants both by chemical collection coupled to ICPMS and TXRF were implemented on GaAs and InP 100mm wafers. VPD-DC-ICPMS and LPD-ICPMS were developed respectively for GaAs and InP substrates. These methods present CE higher than 85% for usual metallic contaminants except for Cu & noble metals, and very sensitive detection thresholds are reached (108 to 1011 at/cm²). TXRF analysis conditions were optimized on both substrates. Na, Mg, Al, Ir and Ge on GaAs and K, Ca, Pd and Ag on InP are not analyzable due to substrate interferences. TXRF calibration was carried out from intentionally contaminated wafers in reference to ICPMS methods. Finally, TXRF enables to reach interesting detection limits (1010 to 1012at/cm² range) and is able to measure Cu and some noble metals.


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