Feb 19, 2020

A Cross‐Hatch Pattern in GaAs1 − x  P  x Epitaxially Grown on GaAs Substrate

A cross‐hatch pattern which appears on the surface of  epitaxially grown on the substrate was studied by x‐ray diffraction techniques. The origin of this structure was determined by x‐ray diffraction topography to be a misfit dislocation array aligned along lines perpendicular to each other in the layer of graded composition. The composition profile normal to the wafer was also determined by electron microprobe analyses. Furthermore, the growth mechanism of the aligned dislocations was proposed from the fact that aligned dislocations enable a considerable reduction in the curvature of the wafer which is due to the lattice mismatch between the  epitaxial layer and the  substrate. The  wafer having the cross‐hatch pattern was determined to be high in quality from the half width of the rocking curve.


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