Dec 11, 2019

In Situ Surface Treatment of GaAs ( 100 )  Wafer in Metal Salt Electrolytes for Fabrication of Schottky Contact

The electrochemical behavior of n‐type  was investigated to find an optimum condition for in situsurface treatment in Ni salt electrolytes prior to the fabrication of  Schottky contacts by the wet method. Commercial machine‐polished  wafers with damaged crystal lattices did not show photoresponse and behaved exactly the same as a Ga metal electrode in the region of −0.1 to +0.5 V vs. . Photoresponse was observed after the removal of the damaged surface layer in . The in situsurface treatment of  was done by photoelectrochemical etching at +0.1 V in acidic nickel salt electrolyte followed by the fabrication of a  Schottky contact by applying negative potentials. Comparison of the fabrication methods is summarized in a table. The wet method is recommended for the fabrication of a  Schottky contact.

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