Jan 29, 2019

Novel growth and properties of GaAs nanowires on Si substrates

Straight, vertically aligned GaAs nanowires were grown on Si(111) substrates coated with thin GaAs buffer layers. We find that the V/III precursor ratio and growth temperature are crucial factors influencing the morphology and quality of buffer layers. A double layer structure, consisting of a thin initial layer grown at low V/III ratio and low temperature followed by a layer grown at high V/III ratio and high temperature, is crucial for achieving straight, vertically aligned GaAs nanowires on Si(111) substrates. An in situ annealing step at high temperature after buffer layer growth improves the surface and structural properties of the buffer layer, which further improves the morphology of the GaAs nanowire growth. Through such optimizations we show that vertically aligned GaAs nanowires can be fabricated on Si(111) substrates and achieve the same structural and optical properties as GaAs nanowires grown directly on GaAs B substrates.


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