Aug 13, 2017

Structural and luminescent characteristics of porous GaAs


In this paper, we present the results of structural and photoluminescence (PL) studies on porous layers produced on a heavily p-doped (100) GaAs wafer by electrochemical anodic etching. The evolution of porous GaAs structure as a function of layer preparation conditions were investigated by x-ray diffraction (XRD). We show that porous layers have the same crystallographic orientation as the substrate from which they are originated. We also report a relative XRD peak separation indicative of a variation of the lattice parameter of the porous layer. The photoluminescence of porous layers were characterized by a narrow emission band in the visible region attributed to the confinement effect in GaAs nanocrystals having a reduced size distribution. Chemical treatment in Sodium Carbonate solution was shown to enhance both the crystalline quality and the intensity ratio of visible to infrared emission of porous GaAs.


Porous GaAs
Electrochemical etching
X-ray diffraction


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