Jul 28, 2016

Strain-driven synthesis of 〈112〉 direction InAs nanowires in V-grooved trenches on Si using InP/GaAs buffer layers


We reported the 〈112〉 direction growth of InAs nanowires on patterned Si (001).
We proposed mechanism of 〈112〉 directions InAs nanowires and demonstrated.
We reported stacking-faults-free ZB InAs nanowires on Si (001).
InAs nanowires crystal quality was measured by TEM.


The catalyst-free metal organic vapor phase epitaxial growth of InAs nanowires on silicon (001) substrates is investigated by using selectively grown InP/GaAs buffer layers in V-grooved trenches. A strain-driven mechanism of self-aligned 〈112〉 direction InAs nanowires growing is proposed and demonstrated by the transmission electron microscopy measurement. The morphology of InAs nanowires is tapered in diameter and exhibits a hexagonal cross-section. The defect-free InAs nanowire shows a pure zinc blende crystal structure and an epitaxial relationship with InP buffer layer.


  • A1 Growth models
  • A3 Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
  • B1 Nanomaterials
  • B1 Semiconducting III–V materials
        • SOURCE:Sciencedirector
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