May 19, 2016

GaAs solar cell on Si substrate with good ohmic GaAs/Si interface by direct wafer bonding


We report wafer bonding (WB) techniques giving good ohmic interfaces of GaAs/Si.
WB with a low bonding temperature and short processing time was performed.
We demonstrated the GaAs solar cell on Si substrate by WB techniques.
Fabricated GaAs solar cell on Si exhibited a comparable performance with that on GaAs.
We proved the feasibility of stable WB technologies of GaAs/Si substrates.


In this work, we developed wafer bonding techniques to bond GaAs and Si wafers. Wafer bonding was carried out at room temperature without high temperature annealing processes. The bonded interface showed a low interface resistance of 8.8×10−3 Ω cm2. We also exploited the new bonding techniques to fabricate a GaAs solar cell on a Si substrate. The solar cell showed a high energy conversion efficiency (13.25%) even without an anti reflection coating. The performance of the fabricated GaAs/Si solar cell was comparable to that of a homogeneous GaAs solar cell grown on a GaAs substrate. *Corresponding author.


  • Wafer bonding
  • GaAs on Si
  • GaAs solar cell
  • GaAs/Si
      • SOURCE:Sciencedirector
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